Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July .... mid move

I know, I know. Its been a long time since I've posted anything! For those of you who are new to reading the blog, I normally update it once a week or so. However, with things being so crazy, I am a little out of sync and probably will be for another month or two. Then, I plan on getting back to my normal posting.
Just to keep you updated, the boys and I are still in AR and Matt is in Germany. He is doing fine and is getting everything set up. He's found us a house to rent and is already living in it. We won't have our furniture and clothes for another month to a month 1/2. He is keeping busy stocking the pantry, cleaning, working in the yard and getting all of the money sorted out. He's also scoped out lots of places for me to shop! Our house is in a village called Herforst and is about 5 minutes from the base Matt is working on. Landen will go to school on the Air Force Base which will be nice. There are a few American families that live on our street as well. I'll post pictures once we get there and get it all set up. So far, Matt has travelled to Trier and Ramstein AFB in Germany, Luxemburg, and Belgium. They are all just a quick drive away. We miss you daddy!
The kids are doing great. Landen has gone to baseball camp and basketball camp. Both of the boys are attending VBS this week and Hayden is so proud of himself because he "didn't even cry!" LOL They are keeping busy with swimming, playing with cousins... and we've hit a movie, played some putt putt, and are headed to Chuck E Cheese on Thursday.
Jordyn is using her voice loudly these days and is as happy as ever. She isn't doing anything new as far as standing. She still pulls up on everything and cruises and crawls quickly, but is not standing on her own yet. She is eating cheerios and a variety of new dissolvable snacks which she loves. She is also adding to the rolls on her legs and belly!
My sister has been here for the past week and it has flown right by. I can't believe she leaves tomorrow. We made a quick trip to Fayetteville for some shopping and have just been hanging out, visiting with grandparents and running errands. I'll get some pics of her before we leave.
I'm posting a few pics of us leaving Jacksonville and this summer. I don't have my cord for my camera so I'm having to go get pics made on a cd before I can post them. I may add a slide show if I have time. I need to go get ready before Jordyn wakes up from her nap.
Oh, the kids had their pictures made by Mika Beth Edwards and they turned out really cute I think. I don't have the proofs yet, but have seen a few on the computer. Her website is down right now, but I'll post it later for you to see. Jordyn is not too keen on getting her picture made. She cried a lot!!! That's a whole other story.... I tried to get her picture made last week naked and it ended up with her screaming, no picture, and she peed all over me!!
More to come...