Sunday, December 6, 2009

More Berlin

Guess I should have put more to come in a few weeks instead of a few days.

Well, here are some more pictures from our trip. I took a lot, and they honestly take forever to upload onto this blog so I only picked a few.... the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the hotel where Michael Jackson dangled Blanket off the balcony, and all the Berlin Bears. I ended up buying me a Berlin Bear for my curio cabinet. There were so many it was hard to choose which one (especially when there are four, I mean 3 children with you... ) As always, Matt had his GPS in tact and we only got a little turned around one time.

Overall it was a fun trip and I'm very glad we went. It was not my favorite trip of every place that we have been, but I didn't want to say we've lived in Germany for 3 years and not have visited Berlin. There was LOTS of graffiti... and it was just a typical German atmosphere. I guess we have lived here so long that part of the German culture is becoming second nature to us.