Sunday, December 20, 2009


She did it! I was so impressed. She told me she was going to and usually follows through with her word, but I wasn't quite sure about visiting Santa. The past couple of years she's screamed and wanted NOTHING to do with him. This year, we turned over a new leaf and successfully sat in his lap for a picture! I'm not sure what words were exchanged, but wish I could have heard her.

Obviously, he's not the best looking Santa. Hayden's immediate response upon seeing him was, "that's not the real Santa. He has a fake beard." True... so true. How can I argue with that? OH... I wish I were near a mall where there was a REAL Santa, but we just have to take what we can get around here. He was still a good sport.


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Ahh! how awesome is that about Jordyn. She is getting so brave.